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Broken Paper Towel Dispenser? What To Look For Before Ordering A New One

Woman using a paper towel dispenser to show what you should look for when ordering a new dispenser

Hand towel paper dispensers don’t have a long-life expectancy in many schools, and it can get expensive keeping on top of replacements. Fortunately, in many cases broken dispensers don’t actually need replacing, and can be easily fixed – saving your school time and money.

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Many breakages can also be avoided by following a few straightforward maintenance best practices, and by educating pupils in how to use their towel dispensers properly.

Is The Paper Towel Dispenser Jammed, Clogged, Overflowing, Or Broken?

These steps can be taken to diagnose whether or not a jam or a clog has taken place – if so it can usually be easily resolved without removing the towel dispenser from the wall.

  • Clogging is when paper becomes stuck or the motor has difficulty moving the rolls.
  • Jamming is when the paper diverts from its predetermined path and snarls up within the mechanism.
  • Overflowing occurs when the spout becomes damaged or blocked by a build-up of paper.

How To Resolve Clogs, Jams, And Blockages

  • Step one: open the paper towel dispensers cover
  • Step two: visually inspect the dispenser for jams, blockages, overflows, and clogs
  • Step three: if you see an issue, tear off the paper towels just above the roller, carefully removing any shards of ripped or jammed paper
  • Step four: Completely remove the roll of paper towels and replace it back in the dispenser
  • Step five: feed the paper towels through the roller until 1-2 inches of towel is showing
  • Step six: securely close the dispenser’s cover

When a blockage occurs, unfortunately the first response of many pupils is to use rough treatment to force the paper through, which can often result in mechanical damage. So if you notice broken parts or signs of vandalism, remove the dispenser from the wall immediately and order a replacement.

The most effective way to counter these common problems is a routine of daily visual inspections of all your hand towel dispensers by a cleaning contractor or caretaker at the beginning and end of the school day, who can identify unresolved issues quickly before pupils take it into their own hands!

Educating pupils about the causes of these blockages, and providing alternative hand drying facilities (e.g. electric contactless hand dryers) may also prevent rough treatment.       

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By investing in high quality commercial toilet roll and hand towel dispensers for your staff and pupil toilets and changing facilities, you’ll be able to keep breakages to a minimum and keep your costs down as much as possible.

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