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Don’t Get Hit By Change of Season Illnesses: Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies For A Deep Clean Over The Easter Holiday

A close up of a cleaner spraying cleaning products onto a surface to show why you should stock up on cleaning supplies for easter holiday deep cleans.

At the time I’m writing this in early March (2023), the dreary winter flu season is drawing to a close. Covid season – that new joy that all schools have to deal with each winter – won’t be far behind, estimated to peak in early March and level out after that. This winter, the bulk of most seasonal illnesses among children fell in December and January, and many schools were extremely well prepared. However, what often catches parents, schools, and children out alike, are the dreaded ‘change of season illnesses’ – a succession of coughs and severe colds that strike throughout the early spring.

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Implementing a deep clean throughout your school when it is closed over the Easter holidays may help create a healthy and worry-free learning environment and minimise staff and pupil absences from seasonal illnesses.

An Empty School Makes Cleaning More Convenient

During regular school days, keeping the school clean is often a losing battle, because as soon as the morning clean is completed, students reintroduce contaminants into the building by walking around with dirty shoes – undoing your hard work within minutes.

Cleaning floors and equipment while staff and students are present also poses a health and safety hazard, with the omnipresent risk of people slipping on wet floors or tripping over cleaning equipment.

When the school is shut down for the Easter Holidays, therefore, it's an ideal opportunity to conduct a thorough deep cleaning of your learning space, covering classrooms, corridors, storerooms, the dining hall, access areas, and any gym and play equipment. Not only can you disinfect and rid any lingering germs from desks and chairs, but you can also take stock of your cleaning supply cupboard, which may have run low during the winter. With the school empty it simply makes cleaning much more convenient.

Making The Most Of The School Holidays

If you’re planning a deep clean over Easter, it’s important not to be caught short for supplies. Utilise the weeks running up to the holiday to audit your current cleaning stocks and start stocking up with high quality supplies before the holidays begin.

Core janitorial supplies include aerosol or liquid cleaning solutions (we stock both), paper towels, soap, toilet roll, and hand sanitiser – as well as any new mops, cloths, PPE and cleaning equipment your site management team might need to carry out a thorough job.

Order these items well in advance so that once the Easter holidays start, you are ready to start cleaning on the first available day. This will ensure that you have everything on hand and avoid any last-minute rush to buy cleaning supplies while the school is shut down. Cleaning early in the holiday will also prevent having to work around teachers who come into school to plan their lessons for the next term, as well as any building contractors or maintenance teams doing work while the children are absent.

Wholesale Cleaning Supplies For Schools – Sign Up For A Trade Account Today

The easiest and cheapest way to ensure that your school has all the janitorial supplies it needs to implement a full deep clean this Easter is to sign up for a trade account with Power Hygiene. Trade account registration gives you access to our full product catalogue of cleaning equipment and supplies, fast and free delivery or free click and collect, and wholesale discounts of up to 50% RRP. To find out more, please call one of our service team on +44 800 856 0460 or click here to get in touch.

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